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Pereira's academy of karate is the go to place for training kids in self-defense, discipline, and strength training. Our classes are specifically designed to increase metal strength and build grit to overall achieve student success.

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Group Classes For Kids

The most popular option for Pereira's Academy Of Karate is our group classes for kids. Our students find it easier to work together, and in groups this makes for the perfect option.

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Located In Bethany, CT

Pereira's Academy Of Karate is conveniently located on Amity road in Bethany. We have an easy access and a nice sized dojo with the latest tools tool to help your child become successful. Our students enjoy peace of mind when training in our space.

696 Amity Rd, Bethany CT 06524

About Master Pereira

Ed Pereira began his training in martial arts in 1987. In the beginning, it was just hobby for him. But sooner than later, it became a passion, as he understood the importance of self-reliance and self-defense.


Ed quickly became a master as he relentlessly studies various disciplines of martial arts throughout his journey. He specialized in a karate style called "Tang Too Do". Tang Too Do are a set of moves demonstrating a defensive or aggressive action for every movement.

After Master Pereira's long studies and training, he was rewarded with a  Gracie jiu jitsu Blue Belt. After that, he has been in the pursuit of teaching his faithful students the skills necessary to not only mastering self-defense, but also to creating a mind set that is just as strong as the body.




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